Pamphlet One
25 Mar. 2023

From the back panel of Edition One:

This Pamphlet has been published to incite new ideas and place old ones in hospice. It is not the demo tape mentioned on the back of an unpublished book project called Shooting a Still Bird; it is an unmixed, unmastered, non-existing dance mix single with a bloated preamble.

This work features a typeface called Amalgam that was gratiously placed on load by its creator, Benjamin Tuttle. Not only is Ben a great person with whom to enjoy pints and chatter, but an exceptional graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. See Ben’s work [here].

LEBOR II opens with the following words:

LEBOR II was printed in an edition nulla of 50 copies.
The formal first edition is one of 200 copies, and will be printed by the end of June. 
There will be a second edition of 200 copies when the time is right.